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Who should use wwTrails.org

wwTrails.org is a website for the explorers among us. For those riders who likes to find and ride a new and unknown trails.

The mountain bicycle sport is a source of joy to many riders and there are many different aspects in mountain bike riding that riders likes.

Whatever hooks a rider to the sport is OK - There is no right or wrong here.

Some riders likes the training aspect. They would ride the same trail and compare each ride to the other. They would be thirsty for the after ride statistics: How many miles, how long the ride, average speed, cadence, vertical gain, temperature and so on and on.

Other likes the companionship, are riding in groups, having many stops, chatting with each other, forming fancy groups on the Internet, communicating via Emails and posting rides reports and pictures after every ride.

And there is another group of riders - the explorers ones, who likes new places. People who wishes to ride different places, people who are going aboard and want to find their next trail to ride.

The wwTrails.org has being built for them. It offers the easiest way to find trails in unfamiliar territories as well as in your own backyard, and it offers astonishing method to help riders to get familiar with the trails before they even get there.

In wwTrails.org we try to document as many as possible routes and trails around the world, for mountain biking, for road bicycling and for hiking.

 wwTrails.org allows its visitors to set the map to the approximate area in which they want to ride, and then website would pop every trailhead in that area.

All that left to do now is click on a trail head and discover the trails that are starting from it.

 We do encourage you to take a look at the videos we prepare - You'll be happy you did.


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