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About wwTrails.org

Trails on this website has being uploaded or created by trail lovers who are visiting here and are using the World Wide Trails website as a source of new trails for hiking or bicycling as well as a place to share their experience with others.

You are more then welcome (we actually encourage you...) to create and upload your own trails.

Have your own favorites, upload and share picture galleries, mark place to stay after long riding or hiking day.

Create a trail is simple, and the benefit is impossible to calculate: A world wide trails database to search and find a destination for your next adventure in nature.

wwTrails.org has a special feature in it that allows you to virtually hike or ride a trails in an accurate 3D scene of the trails. You'll climb mountains and walk in deep creeks - a must see!.

Use wwTrails.org to learn about new trails that you are going to ride or hike before you go there, or simply to enjoy trips in rural spots on earth that you've never visited before.


This is an open project website, users created content website. Code and details are available upon request.

The site object is to be biking and hiking trails archive.

It attempt to benefit both those who enjoy sharing their experiences and those who like to explore new trails and find information about trails for their next trip.

The site is a platform for social activity associated with traveling and using trails. It has on it:

Anyone welcome to use it and enjoy. Please support our sponsors.

Anyone who wants can enter trails and share their experience riding or hiking trails.

You please note and comply with our terms and conditions.



NOTE ABOUT USING THE MAPS: Viewing trails maps is a demanding tasks for most computers. If your computer is not very fast - practice patients please...

NOTE ABOUT BROWSERS: The site is tested to work good with the follow browsers:

ANOTHER NOTE: To see trails in 3D, and to "re-ride" the trails, you should have the Google Earth plug-in. We warmly recommend to have it!

Technical details about the website are here

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