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How to use wwTrails.org:

Finding a trail for hiking or mountain biking:

The reality is that when you want to go to ride or to hike, you'll first be driving to that trail, you'll park your car where it starts and then ride or hike the trail. The place in which you've parked your car is called trailhead - I am sure you know that by now... You also know that more ofeten than not a trailhead would be the start point of more than one trails. In most websites, when search for a trail you'll get a list of trails, not trailheads, what makes it more confusing to find the next ride for you

On the other hand, when you're searching for a trails in wwTrails.org, you'll first see a list of trailheads - not only trails. The website expect you to pan the map and zoom in till you see the area you are willing to drive to, and then it shows you all trailheads in that area, marked with icons like this: . Hovering the mouse over those icons would show a list of trails that are starting at that trailhead, with the length, so you can have an idea if you want to see what inside that trailhead in details. Click here to see a trailhead with about 7 different trails starting from it, and each worthwhile on it own terms...

The whole idea in short is that you'll see in the map the area you are willing to drive to, or the area in which you'll be visiting, and wwTrails.org will instantly show you all trailheads in that area. Click here to find a trail. See a video about how to find a trail.

When you are about to ride a new trail, or in search for a new trail, wwTrails.org is offering you a very special feature, right in the website: You can see that trail in an astonishing 3D and you can even take a "virtual ride" on it. When see a trail, simply click on the "Take a Virtual 3D Ride" and sit back - in few seconds you'll be taken on the trail in a 3D scene, so close to reality that when you'll actually go to that trail you'll feel a déjà vu as if you were there before...


Having an Account with wwTrails.org

Anyone can have an account with wwTrails.org. Having account allow you to have your own page with easy to remember URL. If your alias in wwTrails.org is SoomSoom, that your home page is simply http://trails.wwtrails.org/soomsoom - nice and easy. You can than collect in that home page of yours favorite trails, galleries, trailhead and what not - very cool thing to have!


Uploading a trail

Many time you'll take a ride in a trail so nice you would feel like tell the world about it. In wwTrails.org you can do just that, and you are more than welcome. You can create a trail and tell the world about your experience.

The process is simple - if you have a GPS file - you can simply upload it. wwTrails.org will create the trail, show it to you and allow you to edit it and enter name and comments, and then save it. If you do not have a GPS file, you can still create a trail - a user friendly interface will guide you and let you click your path on the map, and then add comment, name and save it.


Uploading Galleries

At wwTrails.org you can also create galleries and upload you memories. Like creating a trail, a friendly user interface will guide you through uploading images. wwTrails.org automatically resize image to suitable website size and optimize your images so once uploaded you can view and share your galleries, and they are quick to load and be proud of. Click here to see video about how to create gallerie


Your Web browser and your computer

Although wwTrails.org is built simple and slim, showing trails some times can pose a hi load on your computer. You cannot do much about your computer, but there are some browsers that are faster than the others. We recommend Fire Fox and Google Chrome as fast and comfortable browsers. Installation is quick and does not require your Windows to be genuine...

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